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Event Approval  -  All newly entered and edited events are reviewed and activated within approximately four business days.  New and edited events appear on the calendar only after they are approved and activated.
  • Upper and Lower Case:  Do not use all lower case or all UPPER CASE letters. (Example: "John Doe," not "john doe" or "JOHN DOE")

  • Contact Info and User Login:  The contact name, email, and telephone number you enter are for our internal use only and do not appear on the website.  Your contact name and telephone number will be your login name and password.  The database is case-, space-, and punctuation-sensitive.

  • No Abbreviations:  Please spell out all names and places, including the hosting service body's full name and the event name.

  • Country Name:  Enter the name of the country where your event will take place.  If your event is in the United States, spell out "United States" (don’t abbreviate USA).

  • Location/Venue Information:  Name, address and telephone number of the facility where the event will be held (hotel, community center, etc.).  Attendees will use this telephone number if independent accomodation reservations are needed.

  • Event Contacts:  Enter one telephone number or email address per row.  Be sure to use the drop-down menu to select the type of contact for each row.  The preferred order is: Event Info, Registration, and other.

  • Additional Information:  This field is for pertinent information NOT provided in other fields. (i.e., start and end times, reservation instructions, and other details. 

  • Save Button:  Click the save button to submit your event.